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Day Tripping

Even though our beaches are beautiful and our waters are amazing, taking a day to explore the area is well worth the trip! We know people choose to vacation in Gulf County for the beautiful beaches and abundance of water but it’s ok to leave the beach chairs and towels behind and embark on a day…

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Discover Your Waterbility

Water is a major reason visitors come to Gulf County. Whether you are on it, in it, or simply looking at it... in Gulf County, we all breathe water. Unique to Gulf County, and unlike neighboring destinations, water surrounds us and our residents and visitors interact with it daily. No matter if the…

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Our Grass is Greener

Perfect for adults and children alike, the undersea world of St. Joseph Bay will fascinate any nature lover. St. Joseph Bay is a pristine body of water where unique circulation patterns from the Gulf push in clean saltwater allowing for a thriving habitat for numerous creatures and seagrasses…

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Be Inspired

Breathe the cool air, feel the water, savor the light and sand, and let the magic of Gulf County inspire your creative side. Admit it... for some things it takes a lot to be inspired. Inspired to do the laundry. Inspired to clean the dishes. Inspired to pay the bills. But when you come to Gulf…

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Cook Your Catch

From our kitchen tables to yours, get the inside scoop on local favorite recipes fresh from Gulf County. After a long day of fishing on the water, sometimes all you want to do is relax. But there is nothing better than eating your fresh catch that night! Several restaurants in Gulf County will…

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We know you love to scallop. We do, too! But this year our scallop population in St. Joseph Bay has declined. We aren’t seeing as many scallops as we would like. In an effort to replenish the population we, along with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, are undertaking a massive…

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Our Concierge Service is simple and on your terms. Have you ever been to the Gulf County Welcome Center? Our staff are so passionate about Gulf County, they make it their job to know the insider secrets and local tips. And, they want to share them all with you! The new concierge service is an…

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Celebrate Twice 2016 - New Year's Media Mission

GULF COUNTY, Fla. (December 2015) – This mission showcased a unique feature and event in Gulf County. We have two time zones in our county and it also borders another time zone in Mexico Beach. Because of this we host a unique New Year's Eve event that let's guests ring in the New Year twice! We…

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Dive Into Gulf County For Tasty Treasures This Season What Gulf County, FL is home to a lot of unique and breathtaking experiences, but a true “GCFL First” is scalloping. For a few months each year, families travel to the Gulf from around the country to jump in and grab a bucket of these succulent…

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