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Gulf County is rooted in tourism, and we have such a great industry because of the people who make it great. Our locals know that having a thriving tourism industry is vital to the economy. Did you know that Florida does not have a State Income Tax thanks to the visitors that come to the state each year? That is just one large impact tourism has. There are so many other incredible things it does at the state level and in our own community. The extra income helps put our community children in extracurricular activities like sports. Our small businesses can stay open the entire year thanks to the support of our visitors. We even have new businesses that can thrive in Gulf County. Being a Champion of Tourism is one small thing you can do to support the Tourism Industry. Listen to a few stories from some Local Legends below! Get educated on how tourism benefits us all. Also, if you already know a Local Legend who continues to be a Champion of Tourism, nominate them to be featured on our @GCLocalLegends Instagram Page. 

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Sharing Gulf County with Everyone

Jessica with Florida Coastal Conservancy is a champion of tourism in Gulf County, and she explains the importance of sharing Gulf County with everyone. If we share how wonderful this place is, we can teach visitors how to respect it for future generations to enjoy.

Tourism Helps All Businesses

Kelly Smith, owner and operator of Broke-A-Toe Horseback Riding on the Beach, has one of the longest-running tourism industry businesses in Gulf County. By taking people on the beach, she can help support the rest of the businesses in Gulf County.

Visitor Spending Puts Food on the Table

Reggie Smith, the owner of Resolution Studios, is a champion of tourism. When visitors spend money, it helps our local economy. Not just for the tourism industry but for all industries in Gulf County. Everyone is able to benefit from visitor spending.

The Right Kind of Tourism

Matt Cantine, owner of PSJClearKayaks and is a champion of tourism. Matt explained that tourism is significant to Gulf County, and if we are sharing with people how to respect the area, it is the right kind of tourism.

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