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Short Term Rental Business License

Pursuant to Gulf County Board of County Commissioners Ordinance 2020-04, all Short Term Rentals established by Chapter 509 of Florida Statute, must register for a Gulf County Business License. Business owners shall comply and submit their annual application, on or before September 1st of each year, and a $100 annual business license fee. Each vacation rental unit shall be inspected annually by the Gulf County Building Department, for compliance with both local and state guidelines and laws in the interest of public health and safety. Please read the next steps thoroughly to understand the process.

  1. Submit the form below for each rental unit.

  2. You will receive an Invoice from the Gulf County BOCC via STRLicense@visitgulf.com.

  3. Pay the Invoice immediately by check via drop off or mail-in.

  4. Once payment is received, then a building inspection will be ordered through the Building Department.

  5. After the inspection is completed and signed, you will receive your Short Term Rental Business License via email.

If you have any further questions please email STRlicense@visitgulf.com.

**Inspections may take a while. However, as long as your payment has been received and processed, you are in good standing. 

Owner and Information

Authorized Agent Information

Business Information

This number is the one that the Gulf County Tax Collector gives you when you register to pay Tourist Development Tax.

If you are unaware of this number, please reach out to Florida Department of Revenue, or whatever company remits your State Sales Tax


SunBiz Certficate

If applicable , please upload an image of your SunBiz Certificate. 

* Indicates a required field.