Gulf of Mexico

The Cape is a Gulf lover’s paradise. Gentle waters. Easy beach access. First-time delights like walking with turtle patrol at dawn on the white sandy beaches or gazing at the stars at night. Sometimes you can’t tell where the Gulf ends and the sky begins.

In Gulf County, we are all connected to the water, wildlife and each other. Nowhere is this more apparent than out at the Stumphole on Cape San Blas. At the Stumphole, there is only a thin strip of road that separates the Gulf from the Bay. In fact, those rocks create an intriguing view and a protected haven for surf fishing. Adventures out here on the Gulf are natural and easy – surf fishing beside the rocks, walking through the trees, catching a gorgeous sunset – all will make you feel balanced and free.

There are many faces of the Gulf here in Gulf County.  Off of C30, the white sandy beaches are wide and the tide has a mind of its own. Discovering aquatic treasures in the many tidal pools is encouraged. Take a deep breath as the sky seems to go on forever. This stretch of the Gulf is perfect for a campfire, a walk with your dog and enjoying the view.

Do you really want to get back to nature? Maybe you love towering pines and birdwatching as much as you love spotting dolphins in the water. In Indian Pass, you can take it all in. The Gulf around the Pass is from a different time. Look out and catch a glimpse of rare birds flying around St. Vincent Island or better yet, go kayaking around it for a closer look. The Gulf around Indian Pass is more wild, rustic and raw in its beauty.

Are you beginning to see the many personalities of the Gulf? Down by St. Joe Beach, the adventures can range from throwing the cast net to listening to live music and watching the sun kiss the horizon. The Gulf is gentle here because it is buffered by Cape San Blas. It’s perfect for shelling or taking a late afternoon walk but also in close proximity to some of the best restaurants and parks in town.

Let us introduce you to Gulf County, Florida by watching this video. #InGulf yourself!