Turtle Trail

Gulf County is eager to enhance the visitor experience with the Turtle Trail while promoting conservation of our natural environment.

Did you know that Gulf County is the largest nesting place for sea turtles in Northwest Florida. Home to more than 40 percent of the nests, we covet and protect these massive, beautiful creatures and we ask that our visitors do as well.

As if on cue from Mother Nature, from May 1st to October 31st Loggerhead Sea Turtles crawl ashore Gulf County beaches during the night to lay their eggs in a sandy nest. After laying their eggs, these giants cover their nest and return back to water. After roughly a two-month incubation period, the tiny hatchlings emerge from the sand and scramble to the Gulf, counting on the light of the moon and stars to guide them to the sea.


2022 Turtle Trail Map

Get Social and Win!

Our turtles are always smiling and love their picture to be taken, so while visiting our area, hit the Turtle Trail and Forget The Straw.

Turtle Trail social campaign

Help us provide a safer environment for our turtles by doing away with plastic straws. You can get a start by winning a reusable Gulf County stainless steel straw. All you have to do is take a picture with our six turtle statues, post to social media and use the hashtags #InGulf & #TurtleTrail, then stop by the Gulf County Welcome Center to claim your straw.