Shelling & Scalloping

Stellar shelling is in season in Gulf County 365 days a year.

Finding the perfect shell on the beach is a little like finding a buried treasure. That indescribable feeling when you find the perfect one to add to your collection - a gem that will help you enjoy your memories long after you head back home.  

Gulf Coast beaches are considered some of the finest shelling beaches in North America and Gulf County has long been popular with those who enjoy nature at its best. The beaches from Indian Pass To T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park are especially great for finding these exotic ocean treasures.

The best time to find shells are the hours just before and after the low tides. Don't let a storm deter you; some of the best shells are found right after a storm. And, winter is a great time to shell.

Remember not to take live shells (shells with a living organism still inside). That includes living sand dollars you find in the water.

The St. Joseph Bay Scallop Season's scheduled dates are August 16th - September 24th. Learn more about scalloping by checking out our Blog on Scalloping in St. Joseph Bay