Biking, Hiking & Walking

In Gulf County, there are plenty of options to Leg it out along St. Joseph Bay with biking and walking trails for people and pets.

There are several options for paved trails for a relaxing walk, like the Loggerhead Run Bike Path, an eight-mile trail on Cape San Blas, The Port City Trail is a 4-mile pathway located in Port St. Joe, or BeachWalk Trail, 3.5-mile paved trail that runs along the water at WindMark Beach. New to the Gulf County Trail system is the Serenity Trail at Salinas Park Bayside. This trail is a bay view nature boardwalk system with elevated views of St. Joseph Bay. 

Take a more difficult route with any of our hiking trails. Maritime Hammock Trail in T.H. Stone St. Joseph Memorial State Park or St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve trails all have a sandy terrain and will get your blood pumping. 


Here is some great information if you are planning to use an E-bike on our local Gulf County trails:

  • The Loggerhead Run Bike Trail - is a public walking & bike trail along Cape San Blas. E-bikes are permitted on the Loggerhead Trail per the county.  
  • The Port City Trail & Bay Walk Trail - These are both public walking & biking trails in Port St. Joe.  At this time, E-bikes are not permitted on the Port City Trail or Bay Walk Trail per the City of Port St. Joe. There is signage displayed for "no motorized vehicles" on Port City Trail. This includes e-bikes, mopeds, and golf carts. 
  • Windmark Beach has public walking & biking trails throughout the Windmark Beach Community. At this time, E-bikes are permitted on these trails per the Community of Windmark.