St. Joseph Bay

Some people swear walking into the clear saltwater is like wading into your own private aquarium. Sound intriguing? St. Joseph Bay is filled with turtles, dolphin, fish, seahorses and more. With her soft, grass flats and clear shallow water, she is a kayaker’s and snorkeler’s dream. Even in the deeper water, the current is calm and perfect for paddleboarding or an eco tour. Have a few adventures you’d like to check off your list? Come be wowed by trees, wildlife and our beautiful Bay.

The Bay is a hub for adventure of all kinds with easy access points to take you where the spirit moves you. Whether you are a life-time angler looking for tarpon or triple tail or a first-timer coming with family to go shark fishing for a few hours, the Bay connects you to it all. Come explore!

Not every adventure has to be filled with adrenaline. Sometimes it’s the quiet moments that hold the most surprises. A peaceful stroll along the Bay may uncover a sand dollar the size of a dinner plate or a beautiful sunset. While taking in the fresh air on an early morning hike, you are as likely to see a breathtaking sunrise, charming fishing boat or an occasional bear track. These kind of adventures are accessible on the Bay. Wade out and discover starfish in the morning and go star gazing at night. Wonder is right around the corner.

Are you an avid Cape San Blas fan? Our 17-mile long barrier peninsula boasts sugar-white sand, emerald Gulf water and secret adventures. But did you know it also curves around St. Joseph Bay? Have your cake and eat it, too! Stay in one of the many beautiful bayfront homes among the trees. Glide along our grass flats looking for scallops and other treasures. Bike or boat right to the water AND say hello to the Gulf right across the street. What could be better?