Water Activities

Born from a heritage of seafarers and fisherman, Gulf County has developed a unique on-the-water culture where families come to create their own traditions.

Off the beaten path, in the heart of the Gulf Coast, lies one of Florida’s best kept secrets. Open waters and endless possibilities abound here. Authentic, uncrowded and inviting.

Over 244 miles of shoreline wind through Gulf County ranging from clear waters and white sand beaches to tranquil inland passages. Pristine St. Joseph Bay is a coastal sanctuary protected by the peninsula and teaming with marine life. The Gulf of Mexico is easily accessible with outstanding deep- sea fishing and boating. The legendary Dead Lakes are home to one of the richest eco-systems in Florida. The Intercoastal Waterway flows east and west through Lake Wimico. And, Indian Pass Lagoon offers natural beauty and its celebrated oysters.

Water is life in Gulf County with an active-as-you-want-to-be, family oriented lifestyle.   We watch the journey to the water as boats, kayaks and paddleboards are magnetically pulled to the water.  The call to the water isn’t for everyone, but those who feel it are part of a tribe, a culture where water is the single most important for fueling their soul.

Check out our video on snorkeling in St. Joseph Bay.  It is just one of the many water adventures you can have while in Gulf County, Florida. Click here!