Leave No Trace

The following information is a highlight of the rules implemented by the Leave No Trace ordinance

  • All unattended personal items (chairs, tents, toys, kayaks, etc.) must be removed daily from the beach no later than 1 hour after the published time of sunset and can be placed back on beach after sunrise the following day.
  • All holes created must be filled in prior to leaving the beach each day.
  • Overnight camping must not be within 400 feet of any waterfront residence.
  • Glass bottles, containers, etc. are prohibited on Gulf County beaches.
  • Bonfires are permissible, but must not be within 100 feet of any structure, and all remnants must be extinguished and removed from the beach that same day. All items other than natural wood are prohibited from burning (i.e.-pallets, wood with screws or nails, pressure-treated wood, etc.).
  • All trash must be removed from the beach.
  • Soliciting and canvassing on the beach is prohibited other than County Administration and Law Enforcement officials.
  • It is unlawful to remove sand from Gulf County beaches.
  • Per Gulf County Ordinance 2008-20, pets must be on leashes at all times.
  • Beach Driving is no longer addressed under Leave No Trace. Click here for more information and for updated pricing on permits be sure to click here

Watch the Video below for quick Tips & Tricks regarding our Leave No Trace Ordinance