Local By Association with Shadow

Local By Association Tips

If you love Gulf County the way locals do, then join us by protecting and respecting this area. Here are some quick tips on how to visit Gulf County respectfully and responsibly. 

Enjoy Don't Destroy- Gulf County is a place for all to enjoy the natural areas. Keep off dunes and other ecological protected areas. Keep out of nesting shorebird areas, and overall respect any natural area. 

Respect Your Neighbors- Be respectful of all people you come in contact with. Whether that is your beach home neighbor or someone you meet at the Piggly Wiggly. 

Keep them Alive - If you come into contact with living creatures in shells and those that are not of the finned variety in our waters, make sure to put them back in the water so they can continue to live. 

Waterway Responsibility - Even waterways are precious. Make sure to trim up your motor in shallow areas, and always be prepared. 

Keep them Leashed- Make sure dogs are leashed at all times when enjoying the beach and other public spaces. Keeping your dog on a leash will protect you and other people.

Home Away From Home- The vacation home you're staying in is someone else's home. Be kind and respectful to their belongings. 

Leave No Trace- At the end of each day, make sure to leave nothing but footprints on all beaches and public spaces. Don't forget to fill in your holes as well, even after a beach bonfire.

Keep it Dark- Beaches should be kept dark for many different species and enjoying the night sky. Make sure to turn off all Gulf-facing lights.