Loggerhead Run Bike Path is an eight mile trail on Cape San Blas that runs the length of the Cape from St. Joseph Peninsula State Park to Salinas Park along Hwy 30E/Cape San Blas Road, and is great for walking, jogging or biking. Who can resist a little bit of exercise when the backdrop is St. Joseph Bay?

Port St. Joe’s Port City Trail is a 10-foot wide, pedestrian pathway providing nearly four miles of paved surface for walking, running, hiking and biking. Pick up the trail by the post office and pass by parks, lakes, ball fields and a museum as you wind your way through the city. Public restrooms, informational kiosks and water fountains are available at various points on the trail.

Part of the Port City Trail is BayWalk Trail, which hugs the Bay from the Port St. Joe Marina to Sunset Coastal Grill. Along the way is Maddox Park and Frank Pate Park, offering picnic tables, a playground, boat ramp and bay-front benches to watch the fish jump or watch the sun set.

BeachWalk is a 2.5 mile paved trail that runs along the water at WindMark Beach. Bikers and walkers (many with their pets) enjoy this urban trail offering views of the Bay and the Cape. The trail is open to the public with restrooms and public parking at either end.

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