Tides in, Worries out

Are you ready to experience the serene beauty and thrilling adventures of Florida's Quiet Shores? 

Gulf County, Florida, is a haven for water enthusiasts and nature lovers. Nestled along the Florida Panhandle, our destination offers a unique blend of tranquility and excitement. From paddleboarding in calm bays to snorkeling in vibrant marine habitats, Gulf County provides the perfect backdrop for your next getaway. Explore underwater wonders through scalloping adventures or enjoy eco-tour paddles. Sunset sails and beach horseback rides create cherished memories, making your stay here truly magical. We pride ourselves on being in touch with nature and are committed to sustainable tourism, ensuring that our pristine environment can be enjoyed for years to come.

Let the tides wash your worries away and dive into your next adventure. What are you waiting for?

St. Joseph Bay Scalloping!

St. Joseph Bay Scallop Season runs from August 16th through September 24th. This blog gives you some great tips to ensure your scalloping trip is fun, safe, and successful!...

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