Salinas Pier

There have been some impacts from the red tide organism, Karenia brevis, in Gulf County. The Florida Department of Health in Gulf County is notifying the public of red tide blooms near: George Core Park (located at the end of Jetty Park Drive), Crescent Palms Drive (near Salinas Park Bayside), and Pig Island (St. Joseph Bay). 

The previous health alerts for red tide blooms at the following locations remain in place.

·         Salina’s Park (Gulf side)

·         Stump Hole

·         Cape Palms Park, public access beach

·         Dunes Drive, public access beach

·         St. Joseph Peninsula State Park (Gulf side)

·         Eagle Harbor Boat Ramp (Bayside of St. Joseph Peninsula State Park)

These alerts will remain in effect until further notice. Surrounding counties are experiencing similar advisories, so please be aware of beach water conditions near you. However, we would love to help you plan your Gulf County vacation. Live Chat with us for help planning and use the link to learn more about Red Tide in Florida. 

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Taco Week

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Take Your Taste Buds on a Culinary Adventure in Gulf County, FL

Taco week has been postponed.

Plan Your Tour

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Shrimp Taco



Shrimp Taco


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2 Crawfish Tacos



Mahi, Shrimp, or Mango Habanero Chicken Taco


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Aloha Shrimp Taco



Shrimp or Mahi Taco Served with Chips


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Chicken Lettuce Taco Wrap


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Bee Sting Shrimp Taco


Sweet Bunz Donuts logo

Apple Pie Taco & Coffee

Keep track of your adventure with your own 2020 Taco Week Passport! Get yours stamped at each participating restaurant for your chance to win a prize package at the end of the week.

Taco Tips!

1. Dine-In Only!
These specials are dine-in only so come, relax and enjoy. Make it a fun time with family and friends.

2. You should buy a drink or side item!
The $5 Taco Specials are just that… special. With such a low price, be sure to enjoy your experience and order a drink or a side.

3. Taco Tipping!
$5 dollar tacos are a great deal, but you need to realize you are getting a $10+ taco more than likely, so please tip! The people who are serving you are working harder during Taco Week so be nice and show your appreciation.

4. What? No Tacos?
With $5 taco pricing, they could run out! So say congrats to them for selling out, and come back earlier the next day!

5. Check Social Media!
Restaurants are encouraged to post about how many remaining Taco Specials they have left each day. Don’t forget to post your Taco Week photo on IG to win!


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