“If we all unite, we can rebuild together, we are one.” 

Eugene Raffield – Raffield Fisheries

Eugene shares how Gulf County, as a community, rallied together after Hurricane Michael, and that there has been no better display of strength than these past few months after the storm made landfall.

“ The sun is still setting and rising, the beaches are still beautiful.”

Alex Neville – Sand Dollar Café

Join Alex as he takes you on a powerful journey of how Hurricane Michael impacted his life and his business. His heartfelt recollection of the storm and positive outlook on the future of Gulf County, we all know there is something new on the horizon.

Hurricane Michael gave us a setback, but it’s just a set-up for our comeback.”

David Warriner – The Port Inn

October 10th will be a day always remembered by David, but Hurricane Michael’s fury can not dampen the spirits of the dedicated people who call it home. Listen as David takes you through the past few months and how he hopes you will come ReDiscover Gulf County soon.    #ReBuildReVisitReDiscover  #GulfCounty

Y’all need to ReDiscover Indian Pass, Port St Joe and the Cape area.  It took a hit, but we are coming back.”

Jimmy Mac – Indian Pass Raw Bar

Hurricane Michael brought down structures with his fierce winds and storm surge but the local business owners aren’t going anywhere.  Let Jimmy Mac take you through his story of how the Raw Bar has been tested in the past and has come back and will again.

With your help and your patronage, Gulf County will rebound from this”

Penny Easton – Co-owner Knot Forgotten Vacation Rentals

While Hurricane Michael changed both lives and landscapes, locals are hopeful about the future and are thrilled to offer an open invitation to their loyal guests to ReDiscover Gulf County.

Gulf County will ReBuild stronger than before.  Come back and ReDiscover us after the Hurricane… in your favorite place.”

Bart Lowry – St Joe Bar

Gulf County will never be the same after Hurricane Michael – it will be better.  The businesses are reopening, giving everyone a chance to ReDiscover the beauty that is still Gulf County.