We all have our favorite time of year, our favorite pastime and even our favorite moments. We capture them through stories, videos and photos so they can be kept, remembered and shared time and again.

Here in Gulf County, for both locals and visitors, many of these coveted moments are anchored around our most breathtaking sunsets. No matter what time of year, when the sun kisses the horizon and melts languidly into the Gulf, the sky becomes illuminated in vivid reds, oranges, purples, pinks and blues making for the perfect backdrop for the perfect memory.

And, even after it sets, and the sky is still holding the glow of another beautiful day, we hang on and linger until the colors fade then darken, the air cools down and the moonlight shines, guiding us through the night.

In Gulf County, we are champions of sunsets everyday. Share your favorite sunset with us on Facebook and become a champion.

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