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These people are fearless every day in Gulf County! They have given you some great ideas on how to be fearless in Gulf County and in your everyday life.

Pam - Soul Sister

Meet Pam, Pam is a very busy woman running two businesses but she always finds a way she can be her UNIQUE self in Gulf County. She embraces her inner Soul Sister at her favorite spots after a long day at work. Channel your inner Soul Sister by checking out some of Pam’s favorite spots.

1. Yoga at Lighthouse Park

2. Dancing at the Haughty Heron

3. Coffee and a good book at No Name Cafe

Grant - Cultural Connoisseur

Meet Grant, Grant is hard working during the week but he takes full advantage of those rare days off by being ADVENTUROUS and tempting his taste buds with food and libations while listening to live music at his favorite spots. He is a true “Cultural Connoisseur” of Gulf County. Channel your inner Cultural Connoisseur by checking out some of Grant’s favorite spots for food and music.

1. Raw Oysters at Indian Pass Raw Bar - Uptown

2. Music Around a Bonfire

3. Cool Treat from Shoobies

Geoffrey - Cannonball Daddy

Meet Geoffrey, Being a constant figure in the local community takes a lot of time, but Geoffrey definitely takes the time to go on FUN adventures with his family in Gulf County. He becomes “Cannonball Daddy” when family day comes around. Channel your inner Cannonball Daddy by planning one of Geoffrey’s favorite adventures.

1. Pool time at your vacation rental

2. Paddleboard or Kayak on St. Joseph Bay

3. Biking along a trail in one of Gulf County's Parks


Shanna - Mellow Momma

Meet Shanna, Shanna is a working mother of two children. Having to balance mom life plus full-time work, sometimes she just needs to relax and have a stress-FREE day out with the family. She becomes a “Mellow Momma” by taking in the things that Gulf County offers such as our beaches and waterways. Channel your inner Mellow Mama by visiting one of Shanna’s favorite Gulf County spots for some relaxation.

1. Family Time in St. Joe Beach

2. North Gulf County River

3. Retail Therapy


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