Polynesian Dance with Sunset Hula at The JOE Center for the Arts.

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Location Information:

201 Reid Ave.
Port Saint Joe, FL 32456

Time: 18:00:00
Price: Registration GUEST – $100.00 MEMBER – $90.00

Learn the movement, art and grace of Hula, the power of Tahitian hip circles and the joy of the Samoan Siva.

Dance is good for the body and soul, we will be dancing to beautiful island music and drums, learning to separate movements of the upper and lower body, remember choreography, and learn how to make your own costumes! You will be given handouts of the steps, and meles (songs), as well as where to find resources and music.

Polynesian dance is for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, good for your mind, challenges balance and can be modified to fit your abilities. Leave shyness at home and “A’a i ka Hula” - “Dare to Dance”.

1) Learn the styles of the three cultures and differences in the dances. Focus on the basics for body posture, and basic steps of each dance. We will build on these basics each week by adding choreography. Starting first with Hula choreography.

2) Review and practice, Choreography for Hula, and start Tahitian Choreography

3) Review and practice Hula and Tahitian Choreography

4) Review and practice Hula and Tahitian Choreography, and start Samoan Siva

5) Review and practice Hula and Tahitian and Samoan Siva Choreography

6) Review and practice all dances and Costuming

Consecutive Tuesdays from 6:00-7:30 PM ET (January 24th- February 14th)

Skill Level:  All levels -  Men and Women, 16 and up      

Minimum students: 4   Maximum students: 12

Class Fee for the series of 6 classes: 

Member: $90.00 

Non-Member: $100.00 


More information about the instructor, Denise Hatch, and Hula can be found on her website under the different tabs. She volunteers at the Senior Center in Port St. Joe twice a month and teach ‘Hula Hands’, a seated Hula, and volunteered at the Gulf Country summer program. Denise has performed at Panama Cities Discover Asia Festival, and with the St. Andrews Ukulele Orchestra at Alice’s Restaurant, and several area private Luaus.