Introduction to Gyotaku (Fish Printing) with Cyndi Lanierat The JOE Center for the Arts.

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Location Information:

201 Reid Ave.
Port Saint Joe, FL 32456

Time: 10:00:00
Price: Registration GUEST – $85.00 MEMBER – $76.50

In this, beginners hands-on fish printing workshop, Cyndi Lanier will share the basics of the method she uses to capture the images she uses in creating her art pieces. After learning a brief history of Gyotaku, students will learn how to prepare fish for printing, how to make special tools for the smooth application of ink, how to apply ink to the fish and then how to pull detailed prints on Japanese paper. Students will have an opportunity to print multiple fish species and take home 8-12 prints.

A final demonstration will be given on how to add the eye of the fish at a later time after the prints have dried completely.

Class Outline:

  • Introduction to Gyotaku
  • Prepping the Fish
  • Making Ink Applicators
  • Applying Ink
  • Pulling Prints
  • Demo on adding the eye

*** If students are interested in mounting completed prints to wood panels for completed hangable works of art, check out the paper dying and mounting and finishing workshops to follow.***

Skill Levels: Beginner & Intermediate

Instructor Fee: $85

Instructor will provide all needed supplies. A $40 materials fee is payable to the instructor at first meeting

(Note - we will be working with oil based inks. Please bring an apron or smock to protect clothing). Feel free to bring a snack or sack lunch 

Students: Minimum 6, Maximum 12