Gulf County Tourist Development Council Offers Concierge Services


Gulf County TDC offers a concierge service for individual travelers seeking unbiased

advice about their upcoming vacation to the area. “There are very few web portals for

welcome centers that offer as full a range of information in such an easy-to-use

manner”, states Gulf County TDC Executive Director Kelli Godwin.

The information is presented to the vacation planner through either email or a short

phone conversation or both. The visitor may be searching for lodging based upon

certain criteria or possibly looking for an adventure on St Joseph Bay. Whatever the

circumstance might be, the concierge service adds a greater benefit to the vacationer

than just the information they read in the visitor guide or on the website.

The Concierge Program has been in effect for almost two years now and has seen

growth in the number of phone calls and website request they have received. The

concierges are a staff of four that not only rely on their personal knowledge, but

incorporate helpful comments and suggestions from other travelers, partners and

locals. This will allow a consistent and clear message, making it easy to plan their

special journey.

If you are interested in planning a vacation to Gulf County, visit the website at where you will find a request button to utilize the Concierge Program

or email them directly at

About Gulf County

Gulf County, located in Northwest Florida, is designed by nature. Our 244 miles of shoreline, year-round

adventures and wildlife encounters beckon to explorers. Our waters – Gulf Of Mexico, St. Joseph Bay,

Indian Pass Lagoon, Intracoastal Waterways and Dead Lakes – offer diverse experiences and untouched

beauty. We have biking, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, camping and more. People here

like to pay hard and get dirty, seizing unexpected adventures everyday. But when folks want to relax, we

flow with the current, watch spectacular sunsets and walk with turtles at dawn. Learn more about our

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