Gulf County Tourist Development Council Welcomes Winter Guests

The winter guests come here to recall simpler times. They come because Gulf

County offers a more relaxed approach to life, a treasured retreat from the mad

pace of the holidays and the winter temperatures. Here, you are no longer a

stranger. Your face quickly becomes familiar and the cashier at the local store

remembers you and your favorite items.

In Gulf County the pace is slower so you can take in the timeless images of life

along the water from the front porch swing of your winter home. Views such as

dolphins dancing to the shrimp and deep-sea fishing boats traveling St Joseph

Bay, you won’t find high-rise condos here to block the views of our waterways –

just the tranquil appeal of a small town.

“Our winter guests come back to Gulf County each year more excited than the

last,” Executive Director Kelli Godwin states. “They look forward to mingling with

our locals in the community and becoming a part of Gulf County.”

Just because the pace is slower, it doesn’t mean that there is not an abundance

of activities for the winter guests. There is a special website designated just for

the events in the winter months. It is packed full of activities such as golf

tournaments, a welcome party to include food, music and dancing plus local

information. Guests can also find details about the Farmer’s Market, the Winter

Speaker Series at the Library or Bay Day at the Buffer Preserve by visiting the

website at

If you are a first time guest to the area, do not hesitate to contact the Welcome

Center for more information or utilize the Concierge Program at where one of the concierges can help plan your winter


About Gulf County

Gulf County, located in Northwest Florida, is designed by nature. Out 244 miles of shoreline,

year-round adventures and wildlife encounters beckon to explorers. Our waters – Gulf Of

Mexico, St. Joseph Bay, Indian Pass Lagoon, Intracoastal Waterways and Dead Lakes – offer

diverse experiences and untouched beauty. We have biking, kayaking, stand-up

paddleboarding, snorkeling, camping and more. People here like to play hard and get dirty,

seizing unexpected adventures everyday. But when folks want to relax, we flow with the

current, watch spectacular sunsets and walk with turtles at dawn. Learn more about our

adventures: and on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

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