Country Music Stars like Stephen Barker Liles from the Country Duo Love and Theft, spend most of their days either on the road touring or in the studio making music. But for Stephen, he knows the importance of taking time and getting away to a place that inspires him.  His place is Gulf County, Florida.


“It’s not too far from Nashville which is good. I have come with my buddies like Trent and writing, came for a show and came with my family for vacation.  I have loved each time.  Each time has been different.” 


Just because Stephen is not on the stage performing, it doesn’t mean that music is out of his mind or heart. “We were walking the beach over on the point and I had a good idea about a song for my mamma and so we wrote it that night”.


“Gulf County has so much good live music.  I feel like it is a hidden gem here.”  Stephen and fellow singer/songwriter Trent Tomlinson stopped into a few local hotspots while down here and even stepped up to the mics at the Haughty Heron for a few hours of singing.


“It's a really good vibe down here.” 


Stephen highlights a few of his favorite things about Gulf County in the video below. Find out how Gulf County, Florida inspires him.


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