Melissa Farrell, Co-author of Saints of Old Florida, Owner of Josephs Cottage, Wife and Mom.  See how Gulf County, Florida inspires her.

Not only being a wife and mother of two, Melissa is a business woman who has added a touch of Gulf County in her book and her shop.  But one of the most important things to her is family.  She expresses in her "Be Inspired" video just how much Gulf County enhances her family life.

“My kids love to paddleboard and kayak.  We do a lot of fishing and scalloping in the summer.  And we really enjoy cooking our catch on the beach”, Melissa explains. “There is so much seafood here.  Snapper and grouper is fresh caught in the Gulf.”

The beach is a main attraction for Melissa. “The sand is beautiful and white plus the water is crystal clear”.  “The sunsets are just amazing”.

“As much as I love to travel this is the truly the place I want to be.  Gulf county is where my heart is.”

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