Salinas Pier

Local Spotlight: Sand Dollar Cafe

Meet Alex & Scott, the owners of Sand Dollar Cafe, located in the heart of Port St. Joe, Florida. At Sand Dollar Cafe, they prepare mouth-watering Southern favorites with a twist. Their kitchen is a "from scratch" kitchen using only the freshest ingredients. The food is sourced locally when possible…

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Top 5 Adventures for Animal Lover’s In Gulf County, FL

Top 5 Adventures for Animal Lover’s In Gulf County, FL What two things are great separately but even better when you put them together? A beach vacation and animals! Gulf County, FL is the perfect spot for a white sandy beach vacation but you will find that it is full of adventures that include…

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10 Must Do Adventures in Gulf County, FL

Gulf County, Florida, is one big natural outdoor playground where wonder and adventure are around every corner. Whether you want to hit the water or stay on land, the adventures are endless. We invite you to experience one of our many adventures while on vacation. Don’t let this list fool you, as…

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