Discover Your Waterbility

Water is a major reason visitors come to Gulf County. Whether you are on it, in it, or simply looking at it... in Gulf County, we all breathe water.

Unique to Gulf County, and unlike neighboring destinations, water surrounds us and our residents and visitors interact with it daily. No matter if the interaction is in pristine St. Joseph Bay, on the legendary Dead Lakes, out in the Gulf of Mexico, on Gulf County Canal, tranquil Lake Wimico or even the Intracoastal Waterway... our water heals, feeds, challenges, calms and defines us all.

The beauty of our waters is that they are open to any interaction... fishing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or paddleboarding. Like the air we breathe, our waters keep us alive and are essential to our wellbeing, our happiness and our livelihood.

Knowing the gift that we have, we aren’t surprised when we see how visitors interact with the water. We watch the journey to the water as boats, kayaks and paddleboards are magnetically pulled to the water. The call to the water isn’t for everyone, but those who feel it are part of a tribe... a culture where water is the single most important thing for fueling their soul.

And every time you interact with the water, you tend to discover something new. How to cast farther, how to paddle slower, how to catch a better wave or catch your limit. Call it whatever you want... fun, relaxing, essential... we call it discovering your waterbility.

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updated: Feb 23, 2016 10:19 am