If a camera, walking stick or life list is your gear of choice, you owe it to yourself to explore the wonders of St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, hike St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge or journey back-in-time through the stillness and tranquility of the Dead Lakes.

If you didn’t already know it, Gulf County is one massive outdoor playground. Like our waters, our forests, swamps, rivers, lakes and creeks are home to an abundance of wildlife with more species than you could imagine.

Turtles, manta rays and dolphins glide through our waters and can be enjoyed from land or water. While coursing through the marshes you see all kinds of water birds; ducks and herons; bald eagles over the treetops and sea hawks picking up mullet. You can easily see the endangered red wolf or maybe a sambar deer or wild pigs.

St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge is over 12,000 acres of nature, animals and unexplored outdoors.

You are welcome to step out on your own or join one of our excellent Eco-Tour Guides to experience Gulf County’s bounty with those who know it best.

Fall too, is a time of special richness and delight. Venture out into the bay and do a little fishing, kayak through the marshes to birdwatch or check out the dolphin. Because St. Joseph Bay is a deep-water, salty bay, sea life and biodiversity abounds and the water is so clear.

For those who crave nature in all it’s states, Gulf County is a treasure chest of adventure that awaits.

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