October 2016


With Captain Trey Landry and Premier Sportfishing Adventures you don’t have to choose. A local since 1998, Captain Trey came to Gulf County to help open and run the Port St. Joe Marina. His pinky finger probably knows more about our waters than most people will know in a lifetime!

“There are so many special sights to see on the water in the fall. We offer a great ‘combo’ trip where we go out into St. Joseph Bay and do a little fishing but then we might go into the marshes to look for birds or check out the dolphin. Because the Bay is a deep-water, salty bay, the sea life and biodiversity is just so great and the water is so clear. Generally you can see some turtles. I call them our ‘canary in the coal mine’ because you can tell if the Bay is healthy by the amount of turtles you hear or see. During the fall, the weather is so nice we might get out somewhere like on the Tip of the Cape and hike around a little bit and see what we can find.”

That’s the great thing about Captain Trey. He isn’t just an angler. He is a true outdoorsman.

“I really love to hike and I love St. Vincent Island. Have you ever been? The St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge is over 12,000 acres of nature, animals and unexplored outdoors. We’re offering a brand new trip out there this year. It’s a land and water eco-adventure. We will leave from the Indian Pass campground launch and shuttle over to the island. Take a few spins around it and see what we can find from the water. When you take a boat ride around those marshes you see all kinds of water birds; ducks and herons; bald eagles over the treetops; sea hawks picking up mullet; dolphins in the lagoon; and big old manta rays in the spartina grass. We would dock and take a fully-guided nature walk through the island looking out for plants and animals along the way. It’s a great photography or bird-watching trip. You can easily see some endangered red wolf or maybe a sambar deer. In the morning, everything is just waking up. It’s really beautiful. I love to be outside. My philosophy is that hopefully I’ll point some things out to you and then maybe you’ll point things out to me. We’ll definitely find something new.”

Come take a ride – on land or water – with Gulf County Adventure Guide and outdoorsman Captain Trey Landry. We’re not sure if you’ll call it an eco-tour, a fishing trip or a hike in the woods. But, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Published: Oct 01, 2016 22:06

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With Captain Trey Landry and Premier Sportfishing Adventures, you don’t have to choose. A local since 1998, Captain Trey came to Gulf County to help open and run the Port St. Joe Marina.

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