Let’s work together to protect Gulf County and our natural resources.

Time to tidy up for the turtles! Each summer from May 1st to October 31st, seas turtles crawl ashore Gulf County beaches during the night, to lay their eggs. After laying a hundred or more ping-pong sized eggs, these 200-to 300-pound giants cover their nest with sand and return back to the sea.

After an incubation period of about 50 to 75 days, baby turtles hatch from their eggs, climb through the sand, and scurry to the Gulf of Mexico.

Due to holes left during the night along with clutter on the beach, it makes it hard for momma turtles to lay their eggs and baby turtles to make it to the Gulf of Mexico safely once they have hatched.

To help the turtles as much as possible Gulf County now has a Leave No Trace Ordinance. Let’s work together to make sure all holes are covered back in each night and that all personal items are off the beach to help the turtles on their journey.

Here’s a downloadable flyer with helpful tips.

The following information is a highlight of the rules implemented by the Leave No Trace ordinance #2015-07 and amendment #2016-XX (# to come).

Gulf County Ordinance 2015-07

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