Cape San Blas Lighthouse

Port St. Joe

New Home for the CSB Lighthouse

Just outside of Port St. Joe stands the Cape San Blas Lighthouse, the westernmost of four lighthouses within a 90-mile span along the Gulf shoreline.

Built more than 165 years ago when Congress appropriated $8,000 to erect the structure, the Lighthouse was designed to guide vessels around the shoals running out from the Cape using the sole beacon that could be seen for up to 10 miles offshore. Still proudly boasting its original lens, the Lighthouse and its two Keeper’s Quarters remain an historic attraction and a noteworthy reminder of the Cape’s past.

Throughout the years, the structure has survived a series of blows from storms, winds and high surf. Mother Nature continued her own onslaught and Tropical Storm Isaac reclaimed the remaining shoreline forcing the lighthouse to close temporarily in 2012. In honor of its historic and iconic presence on the Cape, the community will be relocating the lighthouse, once again protecting and preserving its heritage. Today’s structure stands tall, yet fragile, in its current location, however, Gulf County remains committed to preserving this great beacon.

The Lighthouse Gift Shop was moved to Port St. Joe, adjacent to the Welcome Center in the historic Maddox House overlooking St. Joseph Bay. Housed with souvenirs that honor the Lighthouse, visitors can also see replicas from the Keeper’s Quarters, mixing a little bit of history with a little bit of shopping.

updated: Jun 18, 2014 12:52 pm

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