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Gulf County offers near-shore boat access to numerous dive sites with area dive operators offering trips, air and rental gear. Our coast has relatively shallow depths providing longer bottom times and good natural light for photography of reefs and tropical fish. One can dive on artificial reefs from 2 miles to 45 miles offshore in water depths from 20 to 150 feet.

For experienced divers, the 463-foot long Empire Mica is a British Tanker sunk by a German sub during World War II, and considered one of Florida’s best wreck dives, at 108 feet deep. The Mexico Beach Artificial Reef Association (MBARA) has established over 200 reefs since 1997, which have become a haven for our healthy fish population.

Not a certified diver? No problem. Daly’s Watersports offers a Discover Scuba Program, consisting of a 30-minute DVD classroom instruction, a skill review in 5-6 feet of bay water, then an actual dive on the historic shipwreck, The Vamar, resting at 25 feet — all under the supervision of a certified instructor. Don’t want to haul your own equipment? Don’t worry. Daly’s Watersports has everything you need, just give them a call at 850-229-6330.

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